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GigaCrete’s materials are different - offering contractors and project owners new opportunities to build strong, build forward - and build green.  GigaCrete’s products offer low VOC emissions, fire resistance, mildew/mold/insect resistance, reduced CO2 emissions. While our products achieve extreme building performance, they are also sustainable and environmentally sensitive.  GigaCrete’s process integrates environmental considerations into product and process engineering procedures, sometimes called Design for the Environment


Plastermax commercial applic

plastermax commercial stairway



Plastermax is being specified for two main applications:

1) Replacing gypsum on the interior sides of ICF construction

PLASTERMAX -  a revolutionary product for its amazing durability and fire rating.  Plastermax is replacing gypsum on the interior sides of ICF construction.  The “thin coat” Interior Veneer Plaster is the newest fire rated coating at only 1/8″ it replaces 1/2″ or 5/8″ gypsum board over ICF walls and ceilings.  Finishes range from smooth to textured.  The finished surface can be left natural, painted or stained.

2) Abuse-Resistant Plaster for the toughest industrial high-traffic, high-abuse applications

PLASTERMAX is formulated for industrial strengths exceeding 8,000 psi and provides an attractive, smooth or textured finish over a variety of other substrates, such as gypsum board, cement board, CMU block, mag-board, fiber board, monolithic concrete and unit masonry.   The strength and abrasion and abuse-resistance features also provide the means for reduced long-term maintenance costs.  Typical application thicknesses are 1/8″ or heavier depending on the need for extreme abuse resistance including ballistic resistance at 3/4″ or thicker.

Ideal for schools, universities, restaurants, medical facilities, hotels, commercial offices,  government/military buildings, correctional facilities, multi-family housing, and more. 

Wolfe Decorative Finishes is a certified PLASTERMAX installer. 

We are installing in Vancouver, Victoria BC, throughout British Columbia and Canada

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